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Zoho Books vs. QuickBooks Online Software

Managing your business accounts is necessary and if it is done properly it can save your time as well as money. Both Zoho and QuickBooks have advanced features but one of the biggest advantages of using QuickBooks online is that you can save your data in the cloud and can access it whenever you want. Now let’s talk about how they are different from each and what’s the difference between Zoho Books and QuickBooks support system.


  • Features- Zoho comes with very limited features and is good for freelancers. Some features like uploading receipts through scanning, payroll processing is only present in QuickBooks Enterprise support and not on Zoho.
  • Pricing
  • Zoho Books-It comes with 3 plans and you can go with anyone according to your needs. The basic one is $9, Standard one is $19 and the Professional plan is $29. The basic plan has limited features on the other hand standard plan and Professional plan is good for freelancers and small businesses.
  • QuickBooks Online– It comes in 3 plans. First, the Simple plan start is of $20 and is used by freelancers, second, the Essential plan is $35 and is good for small businesses, the third, the plus plan is $60 and is good for small as well as medium businesses. The best part about QuickBooks online is that it can be accessed from anywhere; on the other hand, Zoho can only be accessed through the computer in which you have installed this software.
  • Customer Support- Both the software is paid and hence their customer service is quick and very responsive. Zoho as well as QuickBooks payroll support team members are highly qualified and can visit your home if needed.
  • Supported Devices- Zoho support IOS, Windows, and Android, on the other hand, QuickBooks supports Android and IOS.


Both the software’s are good and can help you perform your accounting work and it totally depends on you which software and which plan you want to take. I will suggest you go with Zoho if you are doing freelance work on the other hand if you own a business then QuickBooks will be a good choice for you.